Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil Services in Clarksburg, WV

Evaporator Coil Cleaning and Repair for Residential & Commercial AC

If your residential or commercial central air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, your equipment may be plagued with one of the most common causes of system failure: a dirty or damaged evaporator coil within the unit. Even with regularly scheduled maintenance, your evaporator coil remains at the mercy of becoming frozen or blocked without warning. If your AC has ceased to function adequately in Clarksburg, our licensed technicians are available to promptly diagnose and repair the issue. We repair and service all major brands of central air conditioning units.

Why Is My AC Evaporator Coil Broken? Cleaning & Recharging May Be Required

There are several reasons why your evaporator coil may fail. The miniature pipes and coils that absorb heat as your home’s interior air passes through the coils are subject to the accumulation of dust, clogs, condensation (that increases the quantity of dirt, hair, mold, etc. that may cling to the coils), as well as freezing that commonly occurs as a result of low levels of refrigerant within the system, and/or insufficient airflow. When problems with your coils develop, your equipment must work harder to produce the cool air that you expect. Over time, the extra workload can overwhelm your air conditioner, increase your energy bills, and lead to premature failure. The unexpected replacement of a broken central AC unit is a cost that most people do not want to deal with. Let us clean or recharge your system to help keep you cool and comfortable.

No equipment is better than the installation and service behind it…
The bitterness of poor quality work remains
long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Licensed Air Conditioner Contractor: Offering Workmanship With a Warranty

The Climatrol team is dedicated to providing dependable service for our customers. We work hard to provide prompt solutions, and our main priority is your comfort and overall satisfaction. We warranty our workmanship. As the region’s top licensed and certified air conditioner contractor, our customers choose us because they know that the job will be completed right the first time, and with the professionalism that you deserve.

Prompt Diagnosis & Repair for Your Cooling System

If your air conditioner is not providing the level of cooling that you expect, contact Climatrol right away. Prompt diagnosis and repair may enable us to repair your system so that you may avoid catastrophic failure. We have been entrusted with the care of the heating and cooling systems of our valued residential and commercial customers for over 50 years, and continue to offer peace of mind for one of your largest investments.

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