Infrared Tube Heater Installation & Repair in Clarksburg, WV

Ideal Solution for Difficult to Heat Commercial Areas

Infrared tube heaters are an ideal, energy-efficient solution for a wide variety of residential and commercial heating applications, especially those areas that are difficult to heat. Available in a range of heating capacities, each unit delivers a maximum radiant output of up to several hundred thousand BTUs per hour. These low maintenance systems offer a convenient and effective system for large commercial and industrial applications, as well as home garages, workshops, and other draft-prone or unheated areas.

Radiative Infrared Heating Offers Energy Savings and Flexible Fuel Options

Infrared heating passes directly through space to warm objects in its path, even on the coldest days. As fuel is burned to generate heat, the heat radiates downward to warm items including machinery, floors, tools, equipment, and people working in the area with little to no lost energy. In return, the heated materials and people release the heat back to their surroundings and people in the area, creating additional heat gain. In comparison to forced air systems, infrared tube heaters offer approximately 30-50% energy savings. Infrared tube heaters can be powered by a variety of heat sources, offering fuel flexibility for our customers. Some of the ideal applications for infrared tube heaters include:

  • Home Garages
  • Auto Installation Garages
  • Swimming Pools
  • Greenhouses
  • Patios
  • Total Building Heat
  • Construction
  • Warehouses

Infrared Tube Heating Maintenance for Maximum Efficiency and Durability

Infrared tube heaters are easy to clean and maintain, and their durability makes them ideal for installation in areas where regular downtime for maintenance is not an option. However, when used in dusty, oily, or otherwise debris-prone areas, more frequent maintenance should be planned to ensure the unit’s continued reliability and safe use. As with all gas-burning appliances, infrared tube heaters must be installed by a licensed professional heating contractor. Climatrol Inc. offers comprehensive maintenance for your infrared tube heating system to provide maximum efficiency and energy savings.

No equipment is better than the installation and service behind it…
The bitterness of poor quality work remains
long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Infrared Heat for Patios, Construction, and Unheated Zones

Infrared tube heaters include low intensity tube heaters, high intensity ceramic heaters, patio heaters, and construction heaters. Each is designed to deliver the precise amount of heat energy where and when it is required for affordable comfort even in unheated environments. The most versatile of your options are the low intensity tube heaters, which are ideal for applications ranging from spot or zone heating to complete building heat. Our licensed technicians are available to assist you with determining the heat load necessary for your home or business application, and providing you with the information that you need to make the best choice for your heating needs.

Contact the professional heating team at Climatrol to request a free quote, consultation, or schedule your installation. We also offer prompt, professional maintenance and repair service for your infrared tube heating system. Customer service is our number one priority and we are pleased that you have allowed us to serve your heating needs for over 50 years. To learn more, call our friendly staff members at: (304) 623-0606.