What Is the Best Heating System for an Old House?

Additions – Remodels

If you shiver at the very thought of enduring another winter in your old house or are wondering what the best heating/cooling system is for your addition or remodel, consider a few of our favorites. At Climatrol, we love the opportunities ductless mini-split systems offer – and our customers do, too! They are often the preferred heating system choice for remodels and new construction, as well as additions and outbuildings. They’re also ideal for adding air conditioning to a home without existing ductwork and correcting areas with uneven heating and cooling. Consider a mini-split to replace:

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What Is the Cost of Clean Air?

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality Is Cheaper Than a Doctor Visit!

Nothing is more precious than your health. You just cannot put a price on it. If your indoor air quality is making you sick, don’t risk continuing to breathe in the contaminants that may be contributing to your illness. Get to the root of the problem and improve your indoor air quality with Climatrol.

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10 Tips to Keep Your AC Running Cold as Ice This Summer

As the temperatures rise this summer, you can take action to keep your whole home air conditioner running smooth and delivering ice-cold air with a few easy maintenance tips from Climatrol. Regular cleaning and maintenance not only help your unit perform at its maximum capacity, but can also improve its efficiency, save energy, and help extend its lifespan so you can avoid the expense of premature replacement.

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9 Best Ways to Save Money on Energy This Summer

Ah, summertime! Sunshine, picnics, warm weather activities and lazy days on the lake. Some say it’s the best time – and it certainly can be when you are able to come in from the heat and relax in clean, freshly cooled air. Unfortunately, summertime can also be stressful when high energy bills start rolling in. Learn how you can keep your home or business cool and comfortable while maximizing your energy savings with these 9 proven strategies to beat the heat without busting your wallet. Let the countdown begin!

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What Is My Carbon Footprint and How Can I Reduce It?

What Is My Carbon Footprint?

“Carbon footprint” is the term used to describe how much carbon is released by an individual, group, or other entity. A carbon footprint can be calculated based on your typical activities. While most individuals on the planet generate an average of 4 tons per year, the typical U.S. citizen releases approximately 16 tons per year. You can easily estimate your personal carbon footprint online to get an idea of how much carbon you release as a result of your taking care of your needs and the choices you make. You might be surprised. Read on to learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

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Most Exciting Home Improvement Trend of 2020

The Ultimate Way to Enjoy Smart Home Comfort!

At Climatrol, we’re always on the lookout for promising new technologies that can help our customers save money and increase their level of climate comfort at home and at the office. One innovation that has us – and our customers – so excited in 2020 is the Ecobee Smart Thermostat lineup. After extensive testing and installations throughout North-Central West Virginia, the results are in: Ecobee is the ultimate way to enjoy smart home comfort!

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5 Signs You’re Hiring the Best HVAC Contractor

Important Considerations BEFORE
You Sign That Contract

If you are planning to have a contractor install, maintain, or repair a heating or cooling component at your home or business, take a few minutes to consider what qualifications your HVAC contractor should have. Because your HVAC system is likely the most expensive system in your home, you will want to be certain you are hiring the best contractor for the job. Read on to discover five of the most important signs your contractor is qualified to work on your equipment.

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7 Signs Your Indoor Air Quality Is Making You Sick

Have you noticed that you often feel sick after spending several hours at home or work, but feel much better when outdoors, shopping, visiting others, or on vacation? If so, the very air you’re breathing may be to blame. For less than the cost of a doctor visit, you can virtually eliminate most of these causes of sickness!

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