What Is the Best Heating System for an Old House?

Additions – Remodels

If you shiver at the very thought of enduring another winter in your old house or are wondering what the best heating/cooling system is for your addition or remodel, consider a few of our favorites. At Climatrol, we love the opportunities ductless mini-split systems offer – and our customers do, too! They are often the preferred heating system choice for remodels and new construction, as well as additions and outbuildings. They’re also ideal for adding air conditioning to a home without existing ductwork and correcting areas with uneven heating and cooling. Consider a mini-split to replace:

-Electric Heat
-Older Home Systems (no ductwork)
-Systems with High Fuel Costs/Low Fuel Efficiency

Cut Heating Costs 60%!

Unico and SpacePak are high-velocity, high-performance, ductless mini-split systems that (as the name suggests) require no ductwork, yet offer superior heating and cooling delivered with precision. Because these systems transfer heat (instead of generating it), they can also cut heating costs by an average of 60% and reduce cooling costs by an average of 30% when compared to conventional climate control systems. They’re also amongst the most budget-friendly options available!

Constant Comfort

Mini split systems operate quite differently than your conventional heating and cooling system. By operating in a state of ultra-low power for much longer, they keep your addition – or even your entire home – comfortable at all times, and at a much lower cost.

Minimum Intrusion. Maximum Versatility.

Mini-splits offer far more versatility than traditional ducted systems. Each room with an indoor control unit can enjoy its own custom heating and cooling. Perhaps the best part is the non-intrusiveness of the systems. Installation with tiny, discreet outlets allows you to preserve the existing architecture and integrity of your structure. Whether your house is a priceless historic home or a brand new custom home designed to your specifications, a mini-split delivers the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and versatility.

Check out the Unico System installation at the Old Wagon Wheel guesthouse in frigid Montana.

See how SpacePak can transform your home for supreme comfort year-round.

These mini-split systems are attractive, quiet, energy efficient, and can be installed virtually anywhere!

Contact Climatrol for the Ultimate in Climate Comfort

Stay warm this winter throughout your entire home while saving on energy expenses with the ultimate in total climate comfort from Climatrol. If you are interested in learning more about how a SpacePak or Unico mini-split system can help you stay cozy year-round, contact the Climatrol Comfort Crew. Schedule a free no-obligation quote today! Call: (304) 623-0606.