Can I Save Money With an HVAC Service Agreement?

Find out If It’s Worth It or Not

Many people wonder if an HVAC service agreement is worth the price. The short answer is: it depends. To learn if a heating and cooling service contract can help you save money on your maintenance costs in North-Central West Virginia, consider the following.

Cost vs. Benefits

An HVAC service agreement can definitely save you money if you purchase your contract at a fair price from a reputable HVAC company that offers the full range of services you’re likely to need, provides quality service, and backs up the work with a reliable warranty. At Climatrol, our Comfort Club was specifically designed to simplify required bi-annual maintenance tasks to help our customers save money while protecting their valuable heating, cooling, and air quality equipment investment and keep it all operating at peak efficiency today – and well into the future.

Superior Maintenance for ALL Makes and Models

When you buy your service agreement from Climatrol, it is absolutely worth it! In fact, joining the Comfort Club is the best way to save money on maintaining your home or business HVAC system. As the top HVAC contractor in North-Central West Virginia, we are able to offer our preventive service agreements at a very reasonable price and, as always, all jobs are protected with our gold standard workmanship warranty. The best part is that you receive your maintenance services from highly trained and licensed HVAC professionals who understand exactly how your equipment works, how to maximize its efficiency, and keep it clean, lubricated, and running as long as possible no matter what make or model you have. The Comfort Crew works on them all! A cost/benefit analysis reveals exactly how much you will save over the life of your equipment. For most customers, the plan more than pays for itself!

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Comfort Club Member?

You can view Comfort Club Agreement costs, as well as services included with the various available programs on our website. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or to sign up. Call Climatrol at: (304) 623-0606.

Considering Saving Money by Doing It Yourself?

Some routine heating and cooling maintenance tasks absolutely CAN be completed on your own to help save money, but unless you have the proper tools and training there are some aspects that should be left to a professional for your own safety, as well as to safeguard the integrity of your equipment. For example, most individuals are perfectly capable of tasks such as replacing filters and adjusting external controls; however, certain tasks like inspecting natural gas pipelines and pressure and adjusting internal equipment components are often best left to a technician with specialized training. In addition, because Climatrol is a volume dealer serving all of North Central West Virginia, we can often obtain materials at a lower cost and pass the savings on to you. Even if you are exceptionally knowledgeable and competent in HVAC equipment technology and engineering or a bonafide handyman, be honest with yourself: Will you actually perform all the maintenance tasks? If not, we can handle it all for you.

The Benefits of Regular Heating and Cooling Equipment Maintenance

Climatrol Comfort Club

Regular preventive maintenance of your heating, cooling, and air quality equipment is the best way to save money, but it also helps ensure that your equipment is always ready to provide reliable climate comfort all year long. Climatrol Comfort Club Members enjoy:

Equipment Performance and Longevity – Well-maintained equipment delivers optimal climate control performance. Every additional year you can keep your equipment running at an acceptable level of efficiency prevents the significant expense of equipment replacement.

Priority Service and Discounts on Repairs – Comfort Club members receive year-round priority service, as well as a 15% discount on repairs, should they be required.

Lower Utility Bills – When your equipment runs smoothly and at maximum efficiency, it consumes far less power than if it has to struggle just to operate. We keep heating and cooling systems humming right along!

Opportunities to Avoid Costly Breakdowns – Sudden equipment failure is often expensive, always inconvenient, and can subject you and your family to uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous temperature extremes. When the Comfort Crew performs your bi-annual maintenance though our Comfort Club, we can often identify and repair any potential issues while they are still minor (and less costly to address).

Restore Performance – Older equipment that has suffered loss of heating or cooling capacity may benefit from a significant increase in both performance and efficiency with preventive maintenance (as well as part replacement, as necessary) to extend its life so you can delay the expense of total system replacement.

To keep your heating, cooling, and air quality equipment in top shape while saving on the cost of equipment maintenance, sign up for Climatrol’s Comfort Club today! Call now to get started: (304) 623-0606.

Climatrol Comfort Club HVAC Maintenance Agreements are available in Harrison, Marion, Barbour, Lewis, Monongalia, Preston, Taylor & Upshur County, WV.