5 Signs You’re Hiring the Best HVAC Contractor

Important Considerations BEFORE
You Sign That Contract

If you are planning to have a contractor install, maintain, or repair a heating or cooling component at your home or business, take a few minutes to consider what qualifications your HVAC contractor should have. Because your HVAC system is likely the most expensive system in your home, you will want to be certain you are hiring the best contractor for the job. Read on to discover five of the most important signs your contractor is qualified to work on your equipment.

1. Professionally Licensed

What to Look for:
The first and most important consideration is making absolutely sure your HVAC technician is licensed to work on your heating, cooling, or air quality system. Hiring an unlicensed contractor often ends up costing far more than any initial savings realized – and leaves you vulnerable to being held responsible for any errors. In West Virginia, an HVAC technician must pass a standardized HVAC trade examination, business and law examination, and possess at least 8,000 hours of combined experience/training in HVAC and HVAC-related work and tasks to legally handle your equipment. Do not take anyone’s word for it. Ask to see your technician’s West Virginia HVAC Technician Certification.

Climatrol: Professionally Licensed, Certified, Trained, and Highly Qualified!
At Climatrol, our Comfort Crew technicians are factory-authorized, licensed professional contractors who possess professional licensure and HVAC Technician Certification obtained via professional HVAC training, experience, and successful state examination, as well as completing our own in-house training, capability and competency testing before performing any installation, maintenance, or repair work in the Climatrol name unless under direct supervision by an experienced senior-level technician. Many of our Comfort Crew members have also completed specialized skills training and certifications, including the NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification. Don’t be afraid to ask any member of our Comfort Crew to show you evidence of their license and qualifications. We are happy to provide our valued customers with this information.

2. Proof of Insurance

What to Look for:
HVAC installation and service work is an essential part of staying comfortable, but it is not without hazard. You must make sure that any contractor who installs or does maintenance or repair work on your heating or cooling equipment possesses adequate insurance to protect your interests. To protect your home or business, be sure to ask for your contractor’s proof of insurance coverage. If your prospective contractor is unable to produce this, keep looking.

Climatrol: Fully Insured!
Climatrol’s Comfort Crew is fully qualified to work on all makes and models of residential and commercial heating, cooling, and air quality equipment. We carry general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage that meets or exceeds all local, state, and federal requirements. Proof of insurance is kept on file at our office and available to review for your peace of mind, so don’t hesitate to request this information.

3. Reputation

What to Look for:
Reputation is not given, but earned. Ask your friends, neighbors, and coworkers who they have hired in the past and find out if they were happy with the service provided. Look online for reviews and read through them to determine if the good reviews seem to be legitimate and if any poor reviews are warranted. Keep in mind that reviews from family members and close friends of a contractor are likely to be less than reliable, and there will always be people who complain or attempt to blame a contractor for their own failure to maintain their home or business even if the work they received was good. Any prospective, reputable HVAC company you consider hiring should be able to provide numerous references for the service you are requesting and be able to address any negative reviews in a professional manner.

Climatrol: Respected Throughout All of North-Central West Virginia!
Since 1969, Climatrol has earned the respect of thousands upon thousands of home and business owners throughout all of North Central West Virginia for the quality, promptness, and accuracy of our installation and service work, as well as our dedication to providing exceptional service with integrity. Our business is a locally owned and operated family HVAC company with strong roots in the communities we serve. Climatrol’s Garner family, as well as our Comfort Crew team members, possess an extensive level of professional technical training and decades of experience, including degrees and certifications in engineering, plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, and air quality. In addition, we sell and install only the finest equipment and back our service with Climatrol’s famous gold standard workmanship warranty.

4. Written Proposal

What to Look for in a Quote:
Get your quote in writing! Always insist on a written proposal that includes a price quote before you agree to hire an HVAC contractor. Before you call the contractor to request a quote, collect as much of the following information as possible for your equipment: manufacturer, make and model number, serial number, date of installation, and service history. Learn as much as you can about your heating/cooling system and know what you want (or at least what you would like to accomplish). This helps ensure that the proposal you receive meets your expectations. It also makes comparison shopping more effective. After all, if one quote is significantly lower but does not address the actual issue, it will not serve your needs. If there are any specific issues that you would like your contractor to address, be sure to mention them and ensure they are also included on the proposal document. The written quote should list specific materials and labor costs so that you know what you will be paying for.

Climatrol: Clearly Written, Detailed Proposals!
At Climatrol, we absolutely will not perform any work without first providing a detailed, written proposal in clear language for your review, answering any questions to your satisfaction, making any required adjustments, and following up to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the scope of the work and the terms of the proposal as indicated by your signature. At Climatrol, we believe crystal-clear communication and mutual understanding is essential to our primary objective of providing quality services you can trust for unparalleled customer satisfaction. Providing a mutually agreeable written proposal is just one part of our total commitment to you, our valued customer.

5. Availability & Service Scope

What to Look for:
An HVAC contractor who cannot perform the task or is unavailable when you need service will not be able to meet your needs. Your heating and cooling systems are essential infrastructure. Whether you require a new installation, a replacement unit, or timely maintenance or repair service, a prompt response is often critical. Be sure any contractor you consider offers a reasonable call-out time, as well as emergency service just in case you need it.

Climatrol is ALWAYS Available!
The Comfort Crew is always prepared and ready to serve your residential and commercial heating, cooling, and air quality service needs. Climatrol is a factory-authorized equipment dealer that maintains full-time office staff to take your calls, answer your questions, and provide auxiliary services. Our residential and commercial divisions consist of highly skilled, licensed, certified, and insured professional HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, and engineers on staff and ready to assist you during regular business hours. We also offer 24/7 emergency service for your peace of mind. Climatrol is always available.

Climatrol Offers a Full Range of HVAC Services!
Climatrol offers a full range of comprehensive residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC services including HVAC engineering and custom design for new construction, home additions, business expansions, and older home retrofits, as well as load calculation and troubleshooting to develop effective, efficient solutions for all types of heating, cooling, and air quality issues. We also offer home and business HVAC evaluations to gauge the needs of your house or facility and ensure they are being met in the most efficient and economical means possible. At Climatrol, we are continuously researching and evaluating new energy-saving technologies and technological innovations to ensure our customers have access to the most appropriate and convenient systems to meet their needs.

A Note About Value

At Climatrol, our motto is:  “No equipment is better than the installation and service behind it … The bitterness of poor quality work remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” This is not a sales gimmick, but part of the actual business principles developed by our founder, James Garner, when he developed the business plan for Climatrol in 1969. We have operated our company by these guiding principles since we first opened our doors over 52 years ago and still apply them to every job we do, no matter how big or small.

Keep in mind that true value cannot be measured by the initial installation cost of a HVAC system. To accurately gauge value, you must consider both the manufacturers’ warranty as well as the warranty provided by your contractor. To enjoy the warranty included with your equipment, your contractor must be authorized to install it according to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. At Climatrol, our gold standard workmanship warranty, valuable Climatrol Comfort Club service, and fierce commitment to doing the job properly in the first place, ensure our customers are able to utilize their equipment warranties, keep the equipment operating at maximum efficiency for as long as possible (whether you bought it from us or not) and receive the best possible performance, longevity – and value – every time.

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