7 Signs Your Indoor Air Quality Is Making You Sick

Have you noticed that you often feel sick after spending several hours at home or work, but feel much better when outdoors, shopping, visiting others, or on vacation? If so, the very air you’re breathing may be to blame. For less than the cost of a doctor visit, you can virtually eliminate most of these causes of sickness!

Are You Experiencing Unexplained Symptoms?

If you are experiencing the following symptoms unrelated to a cold, flu, or any other detectable illness, indoor air contamination may be the cause:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Unexplainable Fatigue/Muscle Pains
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Fevers/Chills
  • Dry/Watery/Painful/Itchy/Irritated Eyes, Throat, Nose and/or Skin
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Hearing Loss/”Ringing” in the Ears
  • Coughing, Sneezing, Nosebleeds and/or Sinus Congestion
  • Rashes, Allergic Reactions and/or Sensitivity

Are Others Sick, Too?

If your family members or coworkers are also experiencing these symptoms, this is a strong sign that there may be a significant indoor air quality concern that requires correction. However, it is notable that individual sensitivity levels can vary greatly. In some cases, it can take many years of repeated exposure to a contaminant to develop a sensitivity capable of causing a reaction. We know that symptoms (and negative health effects) become worse as air quality deteriorates, and as exposure continues over time. Therefore, if a concern exists, steps should be taken to determine if indoor air pollution is present and identify the cause(s) of the air quality issue so it can be properly addressed. Remember: the cost of indoor air quality improvement is not just less expensive than medical treatment, it is a worthwhile investment in your health and longevity – and that is truly priceless.

Seven Signs Your Indoor Air May Be Making You Sick

If you suspect indoor air pollutants are making you sick, you’re experiencing unexplainable symptoms, and any of the following seven signs are present, first consult your doctor, then call Climatrol:

  1. Frequent, otherwise unexplainable bouts of pneumonia or bronchitis
  2. Allergy-like symptoms that only occur in a specific building/indoor space
  3. Recent indoor application of pesticides, insecticides, or other toxic chemicals
  4. Recent indoor or outdoor construction/renovations
  5. New furniture has been added to your home or office
  6. Uneven heating or humidity throughout the structure
  7. Visible mold or mildew growth on surfaces

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

The main causes and sources of poor indoor air quality include improper heating and ventilation system maintenance, microbial and chemical contamination, and the actions of other building occupants. Do any of these sound familiar?

Toxic Chemicals – asbestos, formaldehyde, off-gassing from building materials and furnishings, cleaners and disinfectants, combustion gases, pesticides, air fresheners, ozone from photocopiers and equipment, glues, and solvents

Building Occupants – carbon dioxide, body odors, increased humidity, perfumes and fragrances, tobacco smoke, and vaping devices

Biological and Microbial – Airborne bed bug, cockroach, dust mite, and rodent waste, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold

Inadequate HVAC Maintenance – Inconsistent temperature, humidity, and/or air distribution, musty and unpleasant odors, significant dust accumulation near vents, and growth of mold/mildew

While the symptoms caused by poor air quality are often ignored or considered merely bothersome, they can and often do trigger asthma, allergic reactions, and lung and autoimmune diseases, which can cause health complications. If black mold is present, it is especially important to take prompt action.

Want Fresh, Clean Air? Call Climatrol!

At Climatrol, our expert air quality technicians have been keeping the air in homes and businesses throughout our West Virginia service area healthy and fresh since 1969. We offer innovative, highly effective solutions to eliminate all types of air quality problems from unpleasant odors and stale air to dampness, and biological/chemical pollution. You don’t have to wait to feel sick to call us! We can freshen up your indoor air to enhance your overall well-being and improve the function of your HVAC system any time.

For less than you’d pay for a doctor visit, safeguard your health with improved air quality and a return on your investment that keeps on giving. Our skilled Comfort Crew provides everything from routine cleaning, sealing, and maintenance to installation of precision temperature and humidity control systems, advanced fresh air intake units, and highly effective circulation, ventilation, filtration, and purification systems you can rely on today – and well into the future. Trust all your indoor air quality needs to Climatrol!

Cleaner, lighter, fresher air is just a phone call away. Call the Comfort Crew for a free in-home indoor air quality consultation: (304) 623-0606.