9 Best Ways to Save Money on Energy This Summer

Ah, summertime! Sunshine, picnics, warm weather activities and lazy days on the lake. Some say it’s the best time – and it certainly can be when you are able to come in from the heat and relax in clean, freshly cooled air. Unfortunately, summertime can also be stressful when high energy bills start rolling in. Learn how you can keep your home or business cool and comfortable while maximizing your energy savings with these 9 proven strategies to beat the heat without busting your wallet. Let the countdown begin!

9. Eliminate Phantom Loads – Unplug all electronic devices that are not in use. Make it easier by using a power strip that can be turned off to eliminate the power drain of several pieces of equipment all at once.

8. Use Fans When Appropriate – To be sure you are not running your AC unnecessarily, pay attention to what temperature you feel most comfortable at. If the outside air temperature is at or below this level, consider using window fans to bring in the fresh breeze and save nearly three times as much as operating your air conditioner. Take your energy savings to the next level by installing a quality ceiling fan at a cost of just about 1¢ for every 3 hours of use.

7. Insulate – Install additional insulation, door sweeps, weather-stripping, and pipe insulation. Be sure to seal any cracks or gaps where unconditioned air can infiltrate. Consider having a professional energy audit performed to locate hidden air leaks, as well as other sources of inefficiency that can be corrected. If a pro is out of your budget, you can perform many of the tasks yourself with the right tools and information.

6. Strategic Use of Sunlight – Consider replacing existing window treatments with insulated versions that prevent unwanted heat gain and loss while allowing the light in. If new windows are in your budget, advanced models now include features such as triple pane and gas-filled units that can dramatically improve your comfort and energy savings.

5. Energy-Efficient Bulbs – You can save nearly $100 a year in energy costs just by swapping your 5 most used light bulbs for the comfortable brightness of energy-saving LED bulbs. As an added bonus, they give off virtually no heat, so they won’t make your AC work any harder.

4. Instant Hot Water Heater – Consider replacing a tank water heater with an instant water heater model that applies heat only when needed for dramatic energy savings. At Climatrol, this is one of our most popular items for savvy energy savers.

3. Programmable Thermostat – Why cool your home or office when no one’s home? Set it and forget it (and save an average of 10% or more) with a programmable thermostat! For the ultimate in customization and convenience features, check out the newest voice-operated thermostats from Ecobee.

2. Shop Smart – When it’s time to replace a component, make the switch to ENERGY STAR® certified heating and cooling systems, as well as fans, appliances, and other electronics. Contact Climatrol to find out how you can save the most this season and for many years to come with the best heating, cooling, and air quality solutions for your unique needs and preferences.

1. Professional Maintenance – The #1 most effective way to save on your heating and cooling expenses year-round is to have your equipment professionally inspected and maintained. With the Comfort Crew on your side, you not only ensure you are getting maximum efficiency and performance, but we can also identify many potential issues and correct them before they lead to expensive repairs or equipment malfunction. When you join our Comfort Club, you enjoy even greater savings!

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